Empire, Inc. provides sales positions to professional people who have a great work ethic, strong character, a positive energy to add to our passionate team. Regardless of whether someone is in search of a long-term career, or is solely looking for experience, we have opportunities for someone who inspires those around him/her by their example, their presence, and their commitment to excellence.  Empire is rapidly growing and has current plans for expansion in 2013. We are looking for individuals who are competitive, hardworking, passionate, energetic, and fun to be around. Most importantly, we are looking for a person who has an unparalleled student mentality and is excited about the development of others.

Here at Empire we specialize in the sales and consulting aspects of day to day business. Our Account managers specialize in Direct Marketing with business customers in the Chicago land area.

What It Takes

We need an outstanding communicator and salesperson that has excellent team and relationship building skills. Our employees have strong problem solving, negotiation and conflict resolutions skills that enable them to bring optimal customer service to clients and consumers. Primarily, they have a Bachelor’s degree in business related discipline or equivalent education. We also consider candidates with:

  • Experience that focuses on: strategic planning, channel management, leading and influencing without authority
  • Experience in a broad range of marketing related job functions especially centered on management.
  • Marketing and customer acquisition/customer support processes experience.
  • Knowledge of financial principles required for budgeting and strategic planning.
  • Understanding of complex processes and strategies for sales and marketing
  • Business plan development experience.
Account Manager

Account Managers are responsible for meeting with business customers and giving public presentations to ensure they are up to date and aware of all the products and services that are available to them on behalf of the clients that we represent. Working with fortune 500 companies to increase client acquisition and helping with customer client retention. Account managers are cross trained into areas such as sales, marketing, mentoring, entrepreneurship and leadership which allows may allow for rapid advancement through the company.

Our Account Managers here at Empire, Inc., will develop and implement strategic and tactical plans for the Chicago land Area that supports specific needs of different clients in the Energy Industry. Additionally our employees will:

  • Focus on sales, market share, customer acquisition, customer retention, and company financial goals for the division.
  • Be provided required agent training, development, and continued support.
  • Work with accounts owners to develop and execute Empire’s business and tactical plans that will meet customer expectations with regard to product support and product offerings.
  • Communicate effectively with customers, clients, and Empire employees to foster cooperation and to execute effective business plans.
  • Represent Empire on strategic/tactical planning teams across the company, within industry groups and at client’s events such as: banquets, conventions, and other related meetings.

Want a sneak preview of what it means to be a consultant? Are you intrigued by the possibility of charting your own career path? Do you seek to move beyond mere theory to make a lasting difference? Do you consider team work an opportunity for personal growth? If so, we encourage you to apply for an internship at Empire, Inc., one of Chicago land’s leading companies in strategy and marketing consulting.
Empire, Inc. internship programs give students from a range of disciplines the opportunity to learn more about what a career in consulting can offer. Our interns work on real projects and are mentored by Empire, Inc. consultants, getting the true feel of the Empire, Inc. experience and the life of a consultant.

All interns are assigned to client projects and given responsibility for particular portions of the work. They participate in case team meetings and interact with both client’s and customers, experiencing the day-to-day work of the management/consulting world . The work offers many opportunities for interaction not only with Empire, Inc. principals and partners, but also with senior client leaders.

Lasting for six to ten  months, an internship is an ideal “mutual fit” assessment; as you get to know the marketing consulting business, Empire, Inc. also gets to know you. Orientation and training sessions aimed at providing additional insight into the marketing consulting profession are offered throughout the internship.

The program is also a good way to meet Empire, Inc.  most important asset; its people. By attending training sessions, working on case teams with other consultant, account managers, administrations and executive management; participating in office social events, summer interns can get to know the people they may one day work with at Empire, Inc.

The best way to apply for an internship is to use our online application process.

Employee Benefits

We extend our values to the way we take care of our employees, providing a comprehensive range of benefits that help us retain the best and brightest professionals in the industry.

• Health Benefits Program
• Paid Training
• Flexible Training Pay
• Reimbursement Program
• Company Paid Travel
• Paid Vacation
• Bonus Programs
• Competitive Pay Structure
• Weekly and monthly bonus
• No seniority (performance based promotions)
• Retirement and Savings Plans available with promotions


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